Alcoholism and drug addiction are killer of mental and physical health,
Alcoholics and drug addicts are killing themselves slowly”
. The human history is known to people, always found ways to alter their bodies. By taking substances such as herbs, alcohol and drugs. Techniques for fermenting beer and related peoples from Egypt and Sumeria 4000 years ago. Bit by bit it spread all over the world. Coca leaves, caffeine, and tobacco were also popular with ancient cultures. Let’s have a look at Drinking and drugs abuse, understanding its Addiction.

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Some religions have found uses of mind altering drugs as a way to add communication with the divine principle.

Limited use of drugs such as alcohol, heroine, marijuanas etc. can act as a medicine. But there have always been people who were unable to restrict the use of the drugs which leads to addiction of the drugs they may enjoy the drugs initially. For instance someone might get into the habit of having wine after work as a way of releasing the days’ stress another one might use it to share special time with friends. Some other might use it for staying up late at night to study for exams. Drugs take you to hell thought as heaven and Just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean I am not super fun.

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Those unlucky people who start having drugs continuously forget other responsibilities of work, friends, family and community. And they become physically and mentally dependent on their drug supplier to the extent that if they did not get it on a particular day they get sick. Most of the drugs except alcohol are illegal which might involve them in criminal activities like buying and selling drugs illegally.
Problems in relationships become worse as one is unable to hold with the job, family, income and their marriages which leads to the family dispute.

Drug and alcohol abuse conclusion:

The most vulnerable age associated with drug initiation typically proceed ahead and individuals and tree into the workforce. This fact is important implications for work related prevention interventions designed to prevent the onset of druggie. This denotes that the workplace interventions may have narrow effects on preventing initiation into most categories of drunk leaves.
It is not possible to predict which alcohol and drug users will become abused or will eventually need treatment.
So researchers still need to sort out the relative impact of the world environment and individual traits on workers on alcohol and other drugs. They should test realistic theories involving such potential critical variables as drug availability, local norms work stress.
Also, In defining the impact of alcohol and other drug use on behavior, marked attention should be paid to the actions of drugs in combination.

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“Recovery is hard, regret is harder”:- Brittany Burgunder.

Hence, one should try its best to recover from the Drinking and drugs abuse.

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