Whenever we are going to a marriage we always want to look beautiful but we want to look beautiful in simple and ethnic Indian clothes. Ethnic clothes are all Indian traditional dresses which can be saree, suit-salwar and many other for women. So here we will be looking at amazing ethnic wear for women so that they can look beautiful on several occasions and feel confident.

So let’s start looking at amazing ways to look beautiful in ethnic wear for women:


photo of smiling woman in floral salwar kameez posing in front of gray background
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Kurti, one of amazing ethnic wear for women, counted as a descent dress. It is carried in our daily professional life too, it will give a professional look when we wear it with our palazzo or laggings. The Kurti which one is wearing should not be skin tight and also should not be excessive loose. The Kurti fitting should be very much normal and we can wear both long and short Kurti depending on our hip size. The footwear which we will be using our Kurti can be heels, jutti as well as flatters. The mostly preferred cloth for Kurti is cotton cloth.
We can also use our ordinary kurta’s on occasion like Diwali by using heavy dupatta’s on them. Thus it is amazing ethnic wear for women.

Suit Salwar:

Suit Salwar, commonly called Punjabi’s traditional dress has an pro max image as an ethnic wear for women . Suit salwar is descent and gives amazing look. Rather than just going to the market and search for stylish suits. The more important thing than this is to research for the style which is going on these days. For example, few years back the suits were used to be of short length but now a days the trend is for knee length suits.
Most of the times footwear used for suit salwar is Punjabi jutti because they suits the most. But for a change we can also wear high heels but we should not wear flatters as they will not give good look.

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Saree is one of the Ethnic wear for Women:

Saree is most used ethnic wear for women in our country as it can be used on daily basis for household works. As well as can be used in traditional occasions like marriages, Diwali and Holi. You will be surprised to listen that i saw foreigners at Taj mahal were wearing saree at 6 A.M. in the morning. Thus, there is great craze for saree as it also gives elegant look.
Simple saree can also look beautiful if we are using expensive and heavy blouse. Almost the footwear which suits with saree.

Lehenga Choli:

Women in the picture is wearing lehenga choli which is one of the Ethnic wear for women.
Photo by sushantphotographyy on Pexels.com

Lehenga Choli is one of the dress which is carried very elegantly by women on several occasions like marriage, Diwali, Holi and as Lehenga Choli is called Ghagra-Choli in North And north-west part of India, it is carried as an ethnic dress during Navratri festival and this gorgeous assemble comprises of long skirt which is called Ghagra and a Choli which can be called a blouse, is carried with gorgeous Dupatta. The whole look is just amazing. You must try it. I am sure you are not going to regret it. Get amazing ethnic wear for women along with great offers at amazon.

So these are only some of the ethnic outfits which will fit you on any traditional occasions.

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Hope you like my content on ethnic wear for women . Looking forward for a positive response 😊.

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