The best Hacks to answer How to stop checking your phone for texts and others.

Smartphone addiction is what every youngster is facing. If you’re also someone who is addicted and want to get rid of this annoying habit. And now you’re starting some rational habits and start living your life. So, here are some tips to get over the addiction of smartphone.

Carry a Book Whenever you’re travelling:

Book is definitely the best friend of a person. So, carry a book wherever you are going. If you’re travelling on a bus, standing in a Queue just open up your favorite book, this will always open a numerous option. It also increases your reading habits, knowledge, time management and much more.

So, always make sure to have your favourite book whenever you’re travelling.

Don’t Use Phone at Bedtime:

Using the phone at bedtime is the worst thing one can do. So, always have a fixed time in the morning and night to avoid the phone. Always have a fixed time that when the way you can get your phone to check for really significant updates while protecting yourself from floating on over to your social feeds.
So, have patience and control yourself because this gonna help you a lot in your life. You can get over the habit of smartphone addiction slowly, this won’t happen in a week or two.

And always make sure to keep your smartphone away from your bed or the place where you sleep.
Avoid keeping it below your pillow or side by, this will affect your health as well.

Always have an App that will track your mobile usage:

There is various App which is designed to track your mobile usage. According to a survey, college students use 10-12 hours the mobile phone.
So, always track it, which app you’re scrolling the most and then decide which is the most effective ways to reduce it.
This is going to help a person a lot who are willing to cure their phone addiction.

Turn off all the notifications, this is easiest answer to How to stop checking your phone:

We all hit a number of notification in day whenever we receive any mail, WhatsApp or facebook notification. That notification led us to check our phone again and again.
So, change the settings of your smartphone now. And turn off all the notification. Try this once and you can notice the change in your mobile usage.

Keep yourself Busy:

Have you ever noticed that the day you are busy in any assignment or any co-curricular activity you use your cellphone much less as compared to other days?
So, one of the best ways to cure the cellphone addiction, keep yourself busy in other productive activities.

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Plan everything to get an answer to How to stop checking your phone:

Planning is the most effective thing you can do if you want a change in your life. Plan everything.
Have a fixed time for everything and control your thoughts about that.
Have a fixed time, at that time you will be using your cellphone and figure it out.
This could be a little difficult in starting but as you start achieving you will be motivated.
And this will help you a lot to cure your phone addiction.

Redirect your activity to something more productive:

Next time whenever you’re feeling of using your cellphone. Redirect your activity to something more productive, go for a walk, leave your phone at home.
Start utilising more time for your responsibilities and more productive things.
Always have a list of things that should be done whenever you want to use your smartphone.

Meet People in Person:

colleagues shaking each other s hands and meeting friends is one of the most appropriate answer to How to stop checking your phone.
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In an era of social media, where people love to get social on social media instead of meet in person.
So, change this habit and start meeting people in person instead of social media. This will definitely be going to help you to cure your cell phone addiction.
And also meeting person, in general, is a lot much better than chatting with them on Facebook or WhatsApp. So, i think it is appropriate answer to How to stop checking your phone.

Give your Phone to someone else is one of the best answer to How to stop checking your phone?

This is basically a short term way to reduce your smartphone addiction. In this, you can give your cellphone to any of your friend or any of your family member.
So, if your smartphone is away from you will not be able to use it quite often.

But again this is not a permanent solution, this is on the short term.

Go for treatment:

This is the last option which we will suggest that if you are addicted to the smartphone in such a way that all the option suggested above doesn’t work for you, then go for a treatment.
There are various doctors and counsellor which help you to get rid of smartphone addiction in a very healthy manner.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of therapy which is used by the doctors, it will change your thoughts process, in order to change your feelings and behaviour.

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Tips to remember:

Always have a book with you.

  • Set a reminder on your phone when to read a book.
  • Set limits on the time you have to use the phone.
  • Give your phone to someone in the family.
  • Track the usage of the phone.
  • Start meeting people in real instead of Social Media.

so here we have an complete information of,

How to stop checking your phone and enjoy the outer life.

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