Gone for a Short haircut!!!!!! because the weather is hot or inspired by celebs but you have started feeling kind of limited the way in which you can style your short hair. Do you question yourself, what can I do to my short hair, except to let it down?. So here we will look at How to style short hair.

I’m sure you are not going to regret the decision of having short hair after reading these 10 great ideas of how to style your short hair and you’re going to go for haircut if you have not after reading the hairstyles.

Answer to how to style your short hair are:


yes!!! you read right a simple braid or two simple braids can look great even in the shortest hair.

Curly shag:

you can use a flat iron or curling iron to create waves in the hairs also make sure to go in multiple directions so that you can read shaggy, and undone style.

Blunt Bob:

Get a blunt bob you can use blow dryer with concentrator nozzle attached and grab each section of hair at the roots with the edge of your brush and easily glide the brush down, followed closely behind with your dryer.

Messy slick:

Massy and also slicked back hair is in trend these days and are everywhere. The can be created easily and with a lot of impact.

Twist and pin:

Divide your hair into sections, secured with a thin hair dye and repeat until you have reached a pace of your head and then too is the hair is at the bottom it in before securing with pins.

Fishtail half is also answer to How to style short hair:

I personally feel they are best for short here with a uniform length. First of all type the two fishtail braids from both side of your hair and then meet in the center. You can also lose in the fishtail braid it to create volume of your hair more.


A basic ponytail looks amazing, but you can add some interest to this by crisscrossing using bobby pins on the sides.

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If you want to get a subtle look, go for a thin or think hairband which ever you prefer and then loop your hair through the band to keep the hair off your neck for an easy chic updo.

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Mini buns:

Simply you can make low bun, which will look elegant. Or create separate sections, and then try tying each of them into ponytail first. Then make the bun of them and remember to keep the buns Close to each other to get a complete look.

Braided crown:

Braid in the front and bun of messy hairs on the back will look amazing .

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