Mental Health is important 🏥:

Today we are so busy in our life schedule that we even don’t care what is happening inside our body. Especially in India, people just think if a person is physically fit then he is perfectly fine and they don’t care about the mental health of a person. YESSSSS, MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT.

The busy schedule of today’s generation is, getting up and then ready for school/college/office or for any other piece of work and then after coming home, to sleep late at night. Most of the young generation has to work on mobile phones and laptops which is a more serious issue.

We always say that our grandfathers and forefathers did not get too ill but have you ever noticed the difference between your timetable and their time table. They always get up early in the morning and also sleep early.

What is mental health?

This cute couple 👭 is not happy now because of mental stress in their life.
This is often asked questions and the answer to this is that mental health is a state of well being in which every individual realizes his/her own potential and can cope with normal stresses of life and is able to make a contribution to his/her community.

So here we will look at various methods to cope up with bad mental health.

So let’s start with ways to cope with bad mental health:

Stay positive:

Happiness is the key 🔑 to success
As we all know happiness is the key to success.

So why not we should be happy and always stay happy. We can have positive thoughts by being foster optimistic but remember being optimistic does not mean that you will completely ignore the ugly side of your life it only means that you should focus more on positive things. Next, we can have a positive attitude by always searching for a silver line which means to find the positive side of a topic even in a negative topic. And most important is to avoid thinking negative.

Having a balanced diet:

Having a balanced diet is the best way to treat mental health.
We have such a big misconception that our food or diet does not affect our mental health and it only affects our physical health which is proved wrong by many studies of mental health. A recent study has shown that a balanced diet( a diet high in green vegetables, beans, cereals, grains, fish), when supplemented with fish oil, can lead to the reduction of depression. Another important study revealed, the people who facing obesity have 53% more chances of getting depressed than normal humans. Also the one who is depressed has 58% chances of being obese. This has ultimately shown that physical health affects mental health and vice-versa. To read in more deep kindly visit

Physical exercise:

a woman exercising over a rock
Mental Health can be stabilised by exercising is one of important technique to have stable mental health.
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Yoga, jogging, jumping are some of the physical exercises. Rates of depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental problem are relatively more in countries like India, China, the USA, and the UK. When we exercise our body stimulates endorphins and enkephalins. It makes us feel good naturally and solves the problem of stress management. So simple exercise can give us a break from damaging self-talk and also reduces the problem of depression, maintain mental health as we grow older.

Psychotherapy and and electroconvulsive therapy:

These two are important therapy that you can go through under doctor surveillance.

So we have gone through the treatments which you can use if you are mentally unstable.

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