Family is integral part of everyone’s life, so here we will read few lines of POEM ON FAMILY.

“Family is just like the leaves of a tree,
Each individual in it grow differently and free”

“But if there is any problem,
All come together to solve this one”

“Mother in a family is just like honey,
because she spreads happiness either it is a windy day or it is sunny”

“Father is a support to a family,
although he is in pain he maintains his family happily”

POEM ON FAMILY, family having dinner, love each other.


“Family can not be completed with only two members,
It looks much more beautiful if it have a grandfather and grandmother”

“Brother and sister relation is very sweet,
and only with them a family is complete”

“Good family is a big reason to live,
Because here every one is happy and ready to sacrifice their happiness if they have to give”

“With our friends we do crazy things every time,
and most precious moment of my life is family time”

“That’s why it is well said “success is not the key to happiness but happiness is the key to success”.
So in the same way family is also a big reason for both happiness and success”

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