If you want to give your friend a thoughtful gift 😉, so….. you are at great place and here you will find amazing poem on friends. Friendship is something that just happens and it is not preplanned also we can have this type of interpersonal bond with our classmate, neighbour or colleague. These days people even became bestest friends on social media.

“You are my life,
I enjoy it with you like I enjoy when I drive”

“you rise, make me shine every day and for me, you always prey”

“Choosing a name for our teacher is very common for us,
And we make fun 😉 of others when we go together on the bus”

“When I am sad 😭 I know you are here to make me laugh,
And most importantly, our friendship has very different graphs”

“You are like the sun in my journey,
You fill my life with happiness as sunlight comes after the night”

adult attractive beautiful bestfriend, to which one can dedicate this poem on friends.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“When I fall down,
You pick me up but only after when you stop laughing 😜😝”

“Our friendship is very much good,
We always remain together, touchwood”

“We are together from our student life,
I pray to god to send us together even afterlife”

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