Stem cells are the main cells of the living organisms. Because of them other specialized cells are developed which results to other stem cells which are known as Daughter Cells. It treats these cells if they are found affected by disease like Cancer or other blood related disease. Stem Cell Therapy treats Knee problems, also hair problems etc.

What is the cost of stem cell therapy(SCT)?

If we talk about the price range of the SCT then it costs about $4,000- $8,000 but for culturally expanded cells it ranges from $12,000- $15,000.

How much time SCT take to work?

Stem cell therapy might take one or two month to work completely but mostly can make you disease free.
SCT should be done under prescription of physician or doctors. But if one wishes to increase stem cells at home, he/she can use these three stem cell supplements:
Spirulina:- It helps producing energy using sunlight like plants. One can get this from fresh water and Salt.
Quercetin:- It acts as an anti-oxidant, prevent death cells and it also supports mitochondria. We can get Quercetin from apple, leafy green, red wine, and olive oil.
Astragalus Root:- It prevent the Cardiovascular diseases also slows down the growth of tumors, and can act as an immune booster.

It is the process for Stem Cell Therapy.

Benefits Of stem cell therapy:

  • It is easy to transform non communicable disease using SCT. As cells are generated in your own body which finish the risk of getting disease from one person to other person.
  • The stem cell therapy help avoiding surgery for the treatment of disease as usually surgery includes a lot of risk.
  • No use of general Anesthesia.
  • It helps in regulating immune system.
  • Regeneration of narrow blood flow take place in stem cell therapy.
  • It helps in replacing the damaged cells of the body.

Side effects of SCT:

  • Mucositis: They are the sores in mouth which usually occurs just after the therapy. They make it very hard to eat and drink which can increase the time of recovery.
  • Infection: One is more prone to infection in the first six weeks of the therapy because the new cells are unable to produce WBC (white blood cells) in the early days.
  • Relapse or reoccurrence: Mostly in the problem of cancer the main aim is to extend the life time or to cure it but it can strike back and reoccur in some cases.

Hence, this is all about stem cell therapy. To learn about more interesting things about skin treatment at home, must visit

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