Antarctica is one of the most frozen landscape. Unlike anywhere else in the world where at least once in a lifetime. One should visit to enjoy ice covered island of south shetland to most penguin crowded area. So here we will see some interesting places to visit and things to do in Antarctica.

Visit Drake Passage:

Drake passage is the most historical route to Antarctica proper which is named after 16th century English privateer Sir Francis Drake. It connects Atlantic and Pacific ocean b/w the southern Most point of Argentina and tip of ANTARCTICA Peninsula and thus offers the shortest path. It offers intense winds and rains and brutal weather conditions. On the another positive side you will be surrounded by incredible scenes of rolling waves.

Hang out to south Georgia:

This long and narrow island also referred as ‘the Alps in mid-ocean’ as there are steeply rising mountains that cover max. of the land mass, mighty glaciers, low-lying grasslands and consist most of the picturesque parts of Antarctica. Wide beaches having penguin colonies and ease of landing on the island makes it most popular.

Go to Antarctica Peninsula:

Antarctica’s mainland is wilderness of snow and ice homes for various polar wildlife. The narrow passage have expedition cruise and landing on the outlying islands. The whole area is jagged with mountain peaks, expansive skies , towering glaciers and with these interesting view you will also find abundance of penguins.

Enjoy Kayaking:

Kayaking is a wonderful things to do something different though head to the polar regions. It is kitted out in a dry suit and with this the cold water kayaks. This remote area coves for closest encounter with marine life possible. The most amazing thing is watching a humpback whale breach which is right next to Kayak(one of the best place to be experienced in Karnataka.

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Visit Antarctica’s Tallest Mountain:

Mount Vinson Antarctica’s mountain is 4897m high Massif and strictly saying that this is not for normal traveler as it requires proper training from a proper trainer for about minimum a month. It takes minimum 15 days for a full climbing on the mountain and that is when your body cooperates. If you are on a
mission to climb world’s seven summits it is one of the most difficult to approach but it will be one of the experience which you will remember forever.

Trek To The South Pole:

An expedition to South Pole is one of the Planet’s most adventures, remarkable, dangerous and even an intrepid explorer with giddy excitement. Just like climbing mountain it also but we should not take it lightly. It at least needs one year training from a good trainer as it can be dangerous if you are not properly trained. There is no guarantee that you can make the journey successful.. Nothing is impossible you need well determination to take up the challenge. It will be interesting and mind blowing memory.

Send a post card from Antarctica:

brown paper envelope on table , post card is one of the THINGS TO DO IN ANTARCTICA .
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The national park in Tierra Del Fuego, Ushuaia claims that they have the southern Most post office in the world. But!! that is actually wrong since there are many post offices in Antarctica. One of which is in Port Lockroy sits among a massive penguin colony as well as picturesque iceberg. It takes two to three months for the post card to arrive.

Camping in Antarctica:

photo of pitched dome tents overlooking mountain ranges and it is THINGS TO DO IN ANTARTICA.
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31 other people are as crazy as us together and enjoy the night without roof in the shining stars. No foods and drink are allowed, with you together and too you will be picked up at exact 5:30 no going to bathroom will be allowed. So you must be aware of the all advantages as well as disadvantages.

Polar Plunge:

when you are ongoing through the practice of polar plunge than you will think to avoid it. But when you are at home in warm quilts and remembering the time you have spent in Antarctica. Then for sure you will think this event as most adventures one. when you will be telling the tale of your visit of Antarctica to anyone you will feel proud that you jumped in sub-zero Waters in South Pole and survived there.
So these were some of the best things to do in Antarctica rather than these there are many other things you should do and many other places you must prefer visiting.

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