YOGA IS DANCE OF EVERY CELL WITH THE MUSIC OF EVERY BREATH THAT CREATES INNER SERENITY AND HARMONY. Yoga is an old age practice practiced by more than 36 millions of Americans only. While it can be in billions if we consider it worldwide. We celebrate international yoga day on 21st June. Benefits of doing yoga are uncountable: it benefits your physical health, mental health, and relieves you from stress, thus psychological benefits. Benefits of yoga for mental health 🧘🏻‍♀️are listed below:

Reduce stress:

Benefits of yoga for mental health is that it helps reduce your stress.

During yoga when we tighten or relax our muscles, it helps reduce tension. You can also benefit from the peaceful atmosphere, positive attitude and calm music of most of the yoga class.

Ease anxiety is one of the benefits of yoga for mental health:

Breathing exercises of yoga like anulom vilom helps as there is an effective relationship between breathing habits and anxiety. Yoga helps reduce anxiety. Psychologists suggests it as a therapy.

Improve sleep:

it has been suggested by researchers that yoga can improve sleep,  especially true for older adults. Yoga also increases sleep efficiency which measures the percentage of time when you are in bed while when you are actually sleeping.

 Increase social life:

Yoga helps increase social life.

If one attend yoga classes in person then you may benefit as you will be interacting with others in the same group. Social ties will for surely affect both mental as well as physical health positively.

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Promote healthy habits:

Yoga not only helps mentally but it is a gateway to other physical activities. When you interact with a health conscious person, there is a high chance that you can also adopt it.

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Ways to learn yoga for mental health:

The best way to learn yoga is to take help from a qualified teacher as he or she can easily correct your posture. While it is also possible to learn yoga online through a video, or through book. You will benefit more from yoga if you do it between classes whenever you experience extra stress, sleeplessness or other challenges.

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